Walk In Bathtubs For Seniors In 2017 (Definite Guide)

walk in bathtubs for seniors
Safe and relaxing way to take a bath for elderly.

When we reach a certain age, we obviously need some help with washing ourselves, and who doesn’t love to take a bath? This is why walk in bathtubs for seniors were designed. And remember – safety first. CDC reports that 1 in 5 seniors who fall and break a hip will die within a year. Buying a safe walk in bathtub for seniors should be your primary concern!

Who says that seniors shouldn’t be able to take a nice and relaxing bath? Not only from time to time as in the earlier days. With your own walk in bathtub for elderly you can do it every single day!

What is better than having a relaxing bathtub whenever you wish? If you are a caregiver looking out for your parents, you will be joyful to know that with bathtubs for seniors you too can offer them a comfortable and, above all, safe bathtubing experience. Make sure you buy the best walk in bathtub for seniors as far as safety is concerned. Breaking a hip is not funny at all – WebMD doctors conclude that breaking a hip (during a regular shower for example) is worse than death.

Bars and textured floor help for a safer and more comfortable walk in bathtubs for seniors – we go on just about any steps you can take to better the safety and prevent falls later on.

Who doesn’t love bathtubing? With walk in bathtubs for elderly there are some BONUS features you’ll enjoy:

  • Aerotherapy tub. That means air jets. We’ll go into details about if it’s worth the extra price in walk in bathtubs for seniors. We’ll also talk about water jets or hydrotherapy tubs for seniors.
  • Yes, you can easily add a walk in shower for seniors. When you’re done bathing, its good to take a shower. It makes you stand up with or without help and clean yourself.
  • Safety. This is a major one. We’re not as young as we once were and our bones are more fragile. If you suffer from osteoporosis, it’s a bad idea to take a regular shower. Walk in bathtubs for seniors were especially designed for safety. Safety first, right?

Do you know what to look for when buying your first walk in bathtub for seniors? Usually we know that some handles and a walk in bathtub seat is a good thing, but what else? We’ll go into details about how to decide which walk in bathtub to buy if you’re a senior or a caregiver.

Can’t decide between walk in tub and walk in shower? Why not have both – check out walk in tub shower combo here.

And what about the prices of walk in bathtubs for seniors? Well, the majority of bathtubs cost from $1,000 to about $7,000. This may be a lot for a majority of seniors, despite the relaxation benefits to our health. We’ll look into what Medicare can do for us and how much costs cover if you as a senior decide to buy a walk in bathtub for seniors.

Walk In Bathtubs For Seniors – What To Look For?

For one, these walk in bathtubs can be quite expensive. If you’re ready to put out some thousands of dollars for one, you better make sure you’re buying the best for your money.

A good bathtub will make you smile everyday.

The biggest mistake seniors (or caregiver) make when buying a walk in bathtubs for seniors is not really knowing what make a good walk in bathtub. Why?

Well, because we’ve never actually bought one. Just imagine the difference between buying your first and fifth car. When you’re up to the fifth, you have some experience, you know what you want – good mileage, low maintenance costs, powerful engine and so on.

It’s very similar when getting a walk in bathtub for seniors. Because this is probably your first purchase, you want to know which one is the safest, which one has low maintenance costs (hey, hot water isn’t cheap as it used to be) and which is the best fit for you.

That’s why we’ll go into some features that you need to check when buying your first walk in bathtub for seniors.

Basic Features of Walk In Bathtubs For Elderly

As the car has to have a good engine, tires and safety measures, so does the bathtub has to have some basic features.

Don’t go into buying walk in bathtubs for seniors if they don’t have these 9 bathtub features:

1. At least 2 bars to grab.

walk in bathtubs bar grip
Bar grip will make it easier to enter and exit a bathtub. Use your hands.

Yes, having some bars to grab onto is an obvious one. None of us is young anymore – we are not likely to jump into a walk in bathtubs for seniors like cats.

Let’s admit it, we need help. Our arms can be still put to good use! You need at least 2 bathtub bars – 1 for each hand. This is how you can stabilize easier and take your bathtub in a safe environment.

BONUS: It’s also easier to get out of the tub.

2. Walk in bathtub with a seat.

In our youth, we preferred lying down in a tub.

The advisable position we should take in a walk in bathtubs for seniors is sitting. You can set on a fabolous ceramics that walk in bathtubs are usually made off, or you can seat comfortably on a build-it bathtub chair.

Believe me, chair makes all the difference as far as comfort is considered.

bathtub seat for elderly
You can also buy additional bathtub chair.

If you want to relax in a sitting position for more than 5 minutes, you better invest into a walk in bathtub that has a good seat already installed.

3. Bathtub heater.

Having a bathtub can be a majestic experience for seniors but not if the water gets cold in between. What do you do – just add more hot water?

You could do that, of course, but the best idea is to buy a walk in bathtub for seniors that already has installed bathtub heater.

Is water becoming a bit chilling? No problem, just turn up the heater and the water in the bathtub will be comfortably warm again in no time.

4. Don’t get burned – anti-scalding valve.

Water can be extremely hot without us noticing it.

Maybe our temperature sensors are a bit dull but that doesn’t mean we’ll get burned in our own bathtub.

AGood walk in bathtubs for seniors include an anti-scalding valve. You just set the maximum temperature of the water you want and the valve will let you know if you cross it. This is how you can avoid getting burned with ease.

5. Textured floors. Adds Safety.

Why would that be important?

Well, it’s not for the looks, it’s for safety.

If you have a smooth floor in a walk in bathtub for senior, you’ll more easily slip and fall. Even the CDC says that 1 in 5 seniors who fall and break a hip die within a year. SAFETY IS IMPORTANT!

6. High Walls.

Walk in bathtubs for seniors are designed with a useful door. There is no problem getting in, even if you are on a wheelchair (naturally, a caregiver should help you as well).

Try to look with bathtubs with higher doors. Why?

So that you as a senior won’t fall out. Yes, it does happen, and more often than we usually think. Walk in bathtub for seniors model vary in wall height anywhere from 35 inches to 50 inches.

It’s better to invest into higher walls. The closer you get to 50 inches, the better. You might think now that you won’t fall out of the bathtub (you’re just sitting there, right?) but imagine what might happen when you stand up and try to go out of the shower. You don’t want to risk breaking a hip because the 35 inch wall wasn’t high enough to stop you from falling over.

The warm water can make elderly in walk in bathtubs a bit dizzy. Even younger people’s senses are a bit dulled by the warming effect of the water.

7,8,9: Watertight Door, Hand Held Shower Head and Step-Up Step

These things compose the basic walk in bathtubs for seniors.

Watertight Doors for Walk In Tubs

Watertight doors are a given. You’ve probably looked at several models of bathtubs for seniors and all of them have watertight doors. For seniors walk in bathtubs would be of much use if the water leaked out, right?

Just make sure the watertight doors are on a right or left side. This really depends if you’re right or left-handed. When inside the bathtub, we prefer to open the door with our stronger hand. Here is how choosing the a doors on walk in bathtubs works for seniors:

  • Are you right-handed? Opt for walk in tubs with doors on the right.
  • Are you left-handed? In this case, the walk in bathtubs with doors on the left are a better choice.
Hand Held Shower Head

Have you ever seen some walk in bathtubs for seniors without a hand helf shower head? Not really, right?

Basically ever walk in tub has a shower head. Why? Because when you’re finished with bathtubing, you have to wash the soap off. A shower head is neatly there.

Just be careful – when you’re showering in a walk in bathtub, you are probably standing up. Make a point not to slip. Always beware. Walk in shower and bathtubs for seniors will try to make it as easily as possible but you have to mind not to slip and fall (and possible break a hip) as well.

Step-Up to Walk In Tubs
walk in bathtubs for seniors step safe
Safe Step Aid is 4-inches high. Non-slipping solution to enter a tub easier.

To step into a walk in bathtub, you’ll have to lift your leg for 4 to 7 inches. That is the height of the step into a tub.

The fewer inches you have to lift your leg up, the better. Some walk in tubs designed for seniors will even make tubs with 3 inch step-up.

However, even if you have a 7 inch step, you don’t have to worry much if you’re still agile enough. If not, you can quickly invest into a ‘Safe Step Aid’ you see on the right. It is 4 inches high and will provide you with an additional stable step to enter the 6- or 7-inch high tub.

Here is a good video that goes into detail about benefits of walk in bathtubs for seniors:

Walk In Bathtubs For Seniors Prices ($1,000 to $7,000)

Bathtubs can be expensive, even if they are not walk in ones. Do you remember when you last bought a regular tub? It many cases, it does cost up to $1,000 easily.

Walk in tubs for seniors are specially designed for a safe bathtubing for older population. More of technology goes into them and more planning – that’s why they are more expensive. In any case, you can get a good waranty on them, lasting for up to 10 years.

We’ve put walk in bathtubs for seniors prices in sections and checked what of the basic things we talked about earlier you get with the purchase:

Low-Priced Walk In Bathtubs For Seniors ($1,000 to $2,000)

In many cases, you can get a good product for a lower price. For example, it is perfectly acceptable to get a decent car for $2,000 if you know the dealer and know a lot about cars. A car can broke down, of course, but hey it’s only $2,000, you’ll buy another one, right?

It’s a bit different with walk in bathtubs for seniors. If you don’t invest in a safe tub and break a hip, you can’t just get a new one easily. Even your life might be in danger. Just be smart about when to save on money and when not to.

Of course, you can get a decent bathtub for elderly for $1,000 but wouldn’t it be smarter to buy a really good one instead? It is a years-long investment that will keep on giving. In the end, it is your choice.

There are not many low-priced walk in bathtubs that seniors under $2,000, but here are some to consider:

Ariel EZWT Walk In Bathtub For $1,899

right handed ariel walk in bathtubs for older people
Right-handed Ariel EZTW bathtub for $1,955.
ariel walk in bathtubs for seniors price cheap
Left-handed Ariel EZWT Walk In Shower For $1,899

This is as basic as they come. Ariel is a good company famous for their low-priced senior bathtubs. EZWT model has a majority of the basics that every walk in bathtub for seniors should have, such as:

  • A build-in seat. Ceramic one, more expensive models offer wood ones.
  • Safety bar for grabbing. However, it only has one for one hand. The ones with at least 2 bars are better.
  • 39 inches tall. This is a bit far from 50 inches that would be the best but if you’re still agile, it can be a good choice.
  • It is for left-handed seniors.
  • You can check availability and current price here.

SPA WORLD Venzi Walk In Bathtub For $1,929

Venzi Bathtub is pretty much the best looking walk in bathtub for seniors you can get on the cheap (below $2,000). Looks magnificent, right?

It is only 20 inched tall and it has no pre-installed seat. With some additions it could be a very functional bathtub but that will cost extra. Basically, it really is hard to get a fully functional bathtub for seniors under $2,000.

walk in bathtub for under 2000 dollars
Installed Venzi walk in bathtub.

Middle-Priced Walk In Bathtubs For Seniors ($2,000 to $5,000)

The majority of seniors and caregives prefer bathtubs from the middle-priced range. Why?

Well, these bathtubs are reasonably prices and usually come with everything a senior would need in a walk in bathtub. Those above $5,000 are luxurious tubs with multiple air and water jets for relaxation and so on, but if you want to enjoy and have a functional tub, the middle prices ones are more than enough.

Let’s have a look at a couple of the affordable walk in tubs for elderly:

VidaGoods Deluxe Massage Walk-In Fibreglass Acrylic Bathtub for $2,999

vidagood bathtubs doors
Look from the inside.
vidagoods affordable walk in bathtubs for seniors
Good and affordable VidaGoods bathtub.

As you can see, you can even get some massage features in this bathtub price class.

VidaGoods tub is especially good because of the 38 inch height and 5-year warranty on the majority of bathtub parts.

Acrylic Walk In Bathtub For Seniors by Bath2Tile For $4,983

This is really a fantastic tub. You can see a full review of walk in bathtub review for seniors at the end.

walk in bathtubs for seniors review
Do you like it? Read the review at the end.

High-Priced Walk In Bathtubs For Seniors ($5,000 and above)

Are you ready to see a walk in bathtubs for seniors that cost more than $10,000? Yes, people actually are prepared to invest this much for their health and relaxation.

A good example is Kohler K Bathtub. You can see what Kohler bathtubs that cost quite a bit offer to the elderly in this video

Acrylic Walk In Bathtub For Seniors

Acrylic Walk In Bathtub For Seniors









          Easy Cleaning



            • 38 inch height
            • 80 seconds drain system
            • 12 massage jets
            • Great reviews
            • In-line heater


            • No wooden build-in seat
            • Needs help with installment

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