When you’re old and disabled even as simple a task as taking a bath can be a problem. On the other hand, taking a safe and soothing bath can be the best part of somebody’s day.

Walk-In Bathtubs For Seniors site was created to not only help everybody who has difficulty taking a standard bath but to enrich everyday life and shine a bright light into the home of the elderly.

The Mission

Our┬ámission is to bring as extensive and objective information about walk-in bathtubs as possible. Given the high expenditure┬ásuch tubs present and the frequency of elderly’s falls and consequential serious damages, we find it essential for every senior (or their caregiver) to make an informed and rational decision when thinking about how to best create a safe and welcoming home.

For all additional information, you’re welcome to contact us at info@walkinbathtubsforseniors.com